Biomimetics in Architecture Symposium


Together with my colleagues from the itke – Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design we are organizing an international BIONA symposium about “Biomimetics in Architecture – evolutionary construction and design.” It will take place on Nov. 27th,2009 at the University of Stuttgart.

Our goal is to bring together a diverse group of national, european, and international experts from various fields, ranging from architecture, structural engineering, computation and biology. Supported by the BIOKON network, we were able to invite a very interesting line-up of speakers, who will present their latest biomimetic research endeavors, which are supported by the BIONA research initiative.

Among the invited guests are: 

Lidia Badarnah (TU Delft)

Rainer Erb (BIOKON international, Berlin)

Markus Fischer (Festo AG & Co. KG, Esslingen)

Petra Gruber (Transarch, Wien)

George Jeronimidis (University of Reading)

Jan Knippers (Universität Stuttgart)

Julian Lienhard (Universität Stuttgart)

Rolf Luchsinger (EMPA, Dübendorf)

Achim Menges (Universität Stuttgart)

Neri Oxman (MIT, Cambridge)

Göran Pohl (HTW Saarbrücken)

Mike Schlaich (TU Berlin)

Thomas Speck (Universität Freiburg)

Thomas Stegmaier (ITV Denkendorf)

Oliver Storz (Universität Stuttgart)

Organization team: Prof. J. Knippers, J. Lienhard, S. Schleicher, P. Heim

For more information visit our website: or download the Flyer here.


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