FEM simulation of bending-active structures

Based on the PhD research of my colleague at the ITKE Julian Lienhard (www.julian-lienhard.com), our team planned the pavilion by using a new approach to simulate the large elastic deformation of multiple plywood strips and to calculate the resulting force equilibrium of the thereby form found geometry. In order to simulate the structure’s global equilibrium, which is the sum of locally stored energy from all bent components, the model needed to begin firstly with the planar distribution of all 80 strips.  This was followed by simulating their elastic bending and subsequent coupling within the FEM software Sofistik to form a combined self-stabilizing structure.  Therefore, this structural analysis model allowed for both – on the one hand verifying the initially predicted geometrical shape within predefined stress levels and material capacity utilization, on the other hand understanding the deformation behavior of the pavilion when additional loads (e.g. wind loads) were applied. Click here to find out more about the Research Pavilion ICD/ ITKE

(FEM simulation: Julian Lienhard – ITKE)

(photo: Simon Schleicher -ITKE)

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