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Form-finding and Design Potentials of Bending-active Plate Structures

Find here a link to my recent publication on “Form-finding and Design Potentials of Bending-active Plate Structures”. This work was featured at the Design Modelling Symposium 2015 in Copenhagen 


Project Videos: Out of Plane Exhibition

Compilation of videos featured at the “Out of Plane: Designing Flexible Structures” Exhibition at UC Berkeley, College of Environmental Design, Department of Architecture.

Out of Plane: Designing Flexible Structures from Simon Schleicher on Vimeo.

Lecture @IaaC: Video online

Lecture @IAAC

If you are in Barcelona, stop by at my lecture at the IAAC – Institute of advanced architecture of Catalonia. Location: IAAC Auditorium, Time: February 20th, 19:30h


Workshop @KOGE

Riccardo La Magna and Simon Schleicher from the ITKE are going to collaborate with Günther Filz from KOGE – Institut für Konstruktion und Gestaltung at the University of Innsbruck. Together we’ll be teaching two workshops on “Formfinding Processes” and “Idea & Realization”. Our goal is to explore the potentials of bending-active structures by implementing our newly developed design and simulation tools.


Workshop @DSMB 2013

Join us! The ITKE is going to host a workshop at the DMSB 2013 on Bending-(re)Active Plates. The workshop will explore the formal and structural possibilities for bending-active plate elements by coupling design & FEM tools (Rhino – Grasshopper – SOFiSTiK). For more information & registration check: and


ITKE’s video for the AAG 2012

Thanks to all contributors! See you in Paris.
Advances in Architectural Geometry symposium will take place in Paris, Centre Pompidou, Sept. 27-28th. For more information visit the official website:

ITKE’s website: