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Presentation at Design Modelling Symposium Copenhagen 2015


Simon Schleicher is going to present his collaborative research on “Form-finding and Design Potentials of Bending-active Plate Structures” at this year Design Modelling Symposium in Copenhagen 09/30/2015. For more information please visit or check the conference book on “Modelling Behaviour”

Schleicher, S., Rastetter, A., La Magna, R., Schönbrunner, A., Haberbosch, N., Knippers, J. (2015). Form-finding and Design Potentials of Bending-active Plate Structures, In: Modelling Behaviour, Design Modelling Symposium 2015, Ed. by Thomsen, M.R. et al., Springer, ISBN: 978-3-319-24206-4


Lecture at Berkeley Circus 2015

If you happen to be near the College of Environmental Design (CED) on March 6th, stop by the Berkeley Circus. It will be a great opportunity to see current work of students and faculty. In addition, I will be giving a lecture at 12pm in room 104 Wurster Hall.

For more information visit the official website.


Lecture at USC

if you are around, stop by my lecture at the University of Southern California, USC School of Architecture,

02/13/2015 – 5pm

Video of the Kinetic Facade at the EXPO Yeosu

The architecture office soma just released a video of the Kinetic Facade of the Thematic Pavilion at the EXPO 2012, which they designed in collaboration with Knippers Helbig advanced engineering and our ITKE institute.

talk @Bio-inspired Materials

Talk about recent research and developments of the Flectofin-Team at the International School and Conference on Biological Material Science organized by the DGM (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde).

Wednesday, 21/3, 4pm, Kongresshotel Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany
Abstract – Link
Programme – Link

Flectofin @VDI-Wissensforum: Fassaden – Blick in die Zukunft

Join us at the VDI-Wissensforum: Fassaden – Blick in die Zukunft in Düsseldorf. Between November 22nd-23rd, we will present the Flectofin at this conference ->Link. Official Link and schedule of the VDI-Wissensforum. ->Link

Lecture at Design&Nature Conference 2010, Pisa, Italy

Simon Schleicher is going to present his research about

“Abstraction of bio-inspired curved-line folding patterns for elastic foils and membranes in architecture”

during the Fifth International Conference on Comparing Design in Nature with Science and Engineering. The Design&Nature Conference is taking place between 28-30 July 2010 in Pisa Italy. Find more information about this event on the website of the organizers: Wessex Institute of Technology, UK

Biomimetic Flectofin® at Light and Building

Visit our Flectofin® mock-up at the Light&Building fair in Frankfurt. It can be seen at the VDI booth that my colleague Robert Brixner from ITKE has designed (Galleria 0, A04).

This year the VDI (The Association of German Engineers) is exhibiting selected biomimetic research projects. Therefore, Julian Lienhard and I have designed an adaptable facade mock-up that we were able to realize with the help of  clauss markisen, who built us a fantastic frame and the ITV Denkendorf, who provided the hand-laminated GFRP fins.

(photos: Simon Schleicher -ITKE)

Biomimetic Flectofin® production

(photos: Julian Lienhard – ITKE)

Some impressions from the BMW World

Here some pictures I took at the BMW world during our field trip to Munich.

They have a beautiful lighting scheme in the building – really impressive and elegant colors!

Architects: Coop Himmelb(l)au

but across the street you can find the really impressive architecture 😉